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When it comes to smart business, you need to make smart choices. Think of it this way: Wouldn’t it be better to hire someone who has the knowledge and experience to complete the job at hand? Shouldn’t that person be willing to learn more about the product or service or even the people they’re designing for? A great designer has the responsibility to use the knowledge they’ve gained to produce powerful visual messages that not only meet their clients needs, but exceed them. This is the essence of Intelligent Design.



The Importance of Being Mobile — SJHLaw website Gets a Modern Update

- August 2015

The mobile age is here. Actually, it's been here; but technology is just now catching up to the reality of it. As mobile devices become more prevalent in our lives, it has become more important for websites to interact with those devices. The idea is simple: create your website to display on phones, tablets and desktop computers.

A good client of mine recently asked me how important it was to have a mobile-friendly site based on some feedback he'd gotten from a marketing agent. We discussed new Google search requirements for mobile-friendly sites, and how it affects a site’s rankings in search results. I encouraged him to take the leap to a mobile-friendly site. It greatly paid off. The new Responsive SJHLaw website is up and running. Take a look here>>

Services I Offer

  • Logo Design and Company Branding
  • Advertising/Marketing Campaigns
  • Website Design (Responsive)
  • Brochures, booklets, business cards, stationary (If you can print it, I can design it)
  • T-Shirt Designs
  • SEM Marketing
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Invitations (Birthday, Wedding, etc.)

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